We're Built Differently

These are the things you need to know about us.

Different is better

We're built differently. We are software developers first, and server huggers next. We are what happens when software developers build a hosting company. We began hosting our own applications because we thought we could do it better (and because the first third-party we bought hosting service from came down for an entire week). We did it better, and better, and kept making it better. We do one thing, and do it very well. We LAMP.

Our servers have sat quietly behind critical web-based applications of all sizes since 2005, evolving at every turn. In 2014, we decided to share; you no longer have to buy development services order to learn about our top secret hosting. You can go straight to the source and get your own server for your own applications.

We've learned some pretty cool tricks along the way:

Over-the-top, US-based Support

Beyond system administration, we have a really unique thing to offer. When you reach out to us, chances are you'll get a developer or devops expert that uses our servers for his or her own projects. Together, we are a powerful, fullstack team, and we will find your answer and slave over it until we do. Always. (Be prepared for multiple solutions to the same problem.)

Processing Utopia

MOM&DATA's PHP and MySQL do not compete for hard drive write time, and achieve this processing utopia without requiring separate networks. Goodbye latency and a whole host of network problems.

Binaries Unique as Snowflakes

Custom compiled PHP and HTTP binaries provide the ideal balance of security and features. Want something special? We will build it from scratch; your very own PHP or Apache. We serve developers, like the kind that can convert Unix time stamps to actual dates in their heads. (Our legal team says that we should avoid exaggeration, but the marketing team loves that line, and they're louder.) If you'd rather fix a problem than mask it with more resources by increasing memory_limit and max_execution_time, you're our kind of people. Let's find that perfect setup for your team.

The LogFather

We made the LogFather. Developers need to debug without having to sift through thousands of log lines. The LogFather actually contacts you under conditions you specify. 500 error on this, the day of your daughter's wedding? (You did the voice in your head, didn't you?) The LogFather knows, and has stored it for you to examine later, bringing your attention to line containing the errant code, so you can...er..."take care of it".

Purposeful Simplicity

Keep it simple, and only install what you need. More software can tax your resources, and with more software, often comes more vulnerabilities. There are no control panels to consume your resources or misconfigure things for you. You want a dedicated server because you don't want someone else's junk on it. Good call. Your team's software comes first. We'll help you automate when needed. We have our own scripts, and we like to share.

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